• GHD Digital
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    GHD Digital

    GHD Digital was born with a single vision to help our clients transform their business, embrace the future and change communities for good. The way we live and the way we work is changing at a rapid pace.
    Today, the question isn’t “do we need to change?,” but “just how fast?” GHD Digital is uniquely positioned to answer this question. People-first and outcomes obsessed, we combine industry insights with digital mindsets and real-life innovation to maximise opportunities for growth and success.

    GHD Digital. Transform for good.

  • Citywide

    At Citywide, we know communities thrive and prosper in healthy, safe, sustainable and vibrant cities. This is our vision and it is why our teammates believe that what we do matters to the communities we serve every day.
    Responsive and innovative, we provide essential civic services, with solutions built on knowledge and insights, delivering our quality services seamlessly and sustainably. Every day, more than 12 million Australians across the eastern seaboard, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Australia each year, are positively impacted by the services we provide.

  • M2M One
    M2M One

    M2M One are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of SIM Cards, Data Plans & Custom Networking for wireless devices - providing real time usage information, analytics and flexible pricing with no contracts or commitments.

    Powering over 245,000 dedicated M2M devices on Australia’s largest mobile network utilizing full 3G, 4G/LTE, Cat M1 and soon to launch NB-IoT coverage nationwide.
    M2M One has years of experience helping to manage M2M and IoT devices and data in  Smart City Environments - drop us a line to see how we can help you.